Wahzhazhe: An Osage Ballet
released by Osage Ballet, LLC






Soundtrack for Bo Bergstrom's A Midsummer Night's Dream released on Secret River Records, 2011




Nuova Avventura



Tracks (for solo piano unless otherwise specified):
Waterfalls (for Addy)
Enchanted Cottage
Jesu, Joy (for W. John Williams)
The Magic Swing
Joyous Reunion (for David and Yvonne Spear)
Autumn Rain
Desert Showers
Ayumi's Song (for Joseph L. Rivers, Sr.), for violin and piano
Romanza, for clarinet and piano
Cosmic Utterances
L'Amore Vince Tutto, for piano, flute, violin, viola and cello
Alba Veneziana ("Venetian Dawn")
Piazza San Marco ("St. Mark's Square")
Ponte del Rialto ("Rialto Bridge")
Nuova Avventura (for piano and flute)


Echoes of War - Visions of Peace (Symphony No 1), recorded by the Kiev Philharmonic, conducted by Robert Winstin, and released by ERMMedia in December 2009 on its "Masterworks of the New Era" series.